Over 30 years experience successfully helping candidates, elected officials and causes achieve their respective electoral, advertising & marketing, messaging and resource development goals.

Political Campaign Consulting

Turnkey political campaign consulting package. Broad implementation support. Candidate training. Unique business process with (very) strong track record electing first-time candidates.

Public Affairs Consulting

Experience working with elected officials and causes that intersect with public policy (Not a lobbying firm). Policy research, message development and targeting, public affairs education campaigns custom tailored to the needs of the client or issue.

Advertising & Marketing Services

Experienced Producer, providing campaign creative, media production, advertising and marketing services. Strong track record in production and placement of television, radio, print and social media. Experience in developing and managing direct mail campaigns. 

Fundraising Services

Proven success in fundraising for candidates and causes. Consulted in raising nearly $2 million for clients in the 2012-15 election cycle. Success based compensation model.